Chicago Brauhaus

German food is one of my favorite types of food. I have enjoyed wiener schnitzel in a number of different German restaurants in numerous states. Not to toot my own horn but I'm sure I'm bordering on expert at this point in time. Not to toot my own horn but I'm sure I'm bored during on expert at this point in time. Naturally went to Chicago so that really want of Chicago's one attending institution Germany restaurant made it to my to eat restaurant list.

Chicago Brauhaus has been a Lincoln Square institution for over 40 years. With German staples, good atmosphere and music on the weekends it's always a great place for dinner. 

I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of a bad German ... I don't really like beer. I'll drink it every now and then but I won't actively seek it out or drink it regularly. Since we were in a German restaurant and we all know how much German's love their beer I decided to imbibe. The three of us decided that a nice Hofbrau for each of us was in order.

That pretzel roll OMG. I seriously would have eaten all three if I wasn't getting dinner. They were delicious. Britta wasn't very hungry so she decided to go for the smaller meal of a pretzel. Yeah I don't know either haha.

Becky really enjoyed the above meatloaf and as per usual I went with my staple wiener schnitzel. I know that they're know for other meals but I judge if a German restaurant is good by their wiener schnitzel. Some have not made that cut, I would definitely go back to Chicago Brauhaus!

We miss the main music and dancing, we went a little earlier so Becky and I could make our trains. Though we missed the main show we did get to enjoy the warm up. 

I'm so glad that Becky, Britta and I got a chance to enjoy some great food and company.

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