60 Day Minimalism Challenge

What is life without another challenge? Stephanie brought the 60 Day Minimalism Challenge to my attention earlier in the summer. At first I was a little ugh another cleaning challenge but we just did the Mins Game challenge earlier this year! As I looked around our condo realizing that since we've been so busy this summer it looked like a hurricane erupted I figured yes I do need this challenge.

So I decided that armed with the 60 Day Minimalism Challenge list and just having read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (seriously if you haven't read it you should it's a great book) I was going to apply Marie Kondo's methods with Rachel's project management timeline.

Stephanie and I decided that summer and life being what it is that we weren't going to follow the exact order of the 60 days. Sometimes you have something, like a Pampered Chef meeting, that doesn't get you home until almost 10pm. So some of the potentially easier tasks such as setting goals are saved for those days.

Alright so who's with us on the road to minimalism and organization?! Be sure to tag and share photos of your progress along the way.

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