Story Time on the Naperville Riverwalk

One of my favorite parts of summer is heading to the Naperville Riverwalk on a Tuesday night. Why you might ask? To see my Mom and the other awesome library ladies sharing their Riverwalk story time. Every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning the three branches of the Naperville Public Library host a children's story time on the Riverwalk. You really need to bring your kids or just stop by as you're enjoying the beautiful Riverwalk. Seriously check it out!

Dad and I were regulars when I lived at home but it's been a while since I went to one. I had the idea earlier this summer since Lane was a little older he might actually enjoy it. So Kevin, Bethany, Lane and I thought it would be fun to surprise Mom. She was definitely surprised!!

He's happy he can see Gigi (My Mom)

Kevin was trying to get him to sit on his lap. What does Lane do? Turns around runs to me and throws himself on my lap. It was pretty awesome haha. Poor Kevin!

Library Ladies in action!

I only got a little bit of the action unfortunately. Technical difficulties ... aka your nephew tries to grab the phone from you.

It was an awesome evening! Lane, Kevin and Bethany loved their first Riverwalk story time. This is probably my top 10 favorite photo ever. 

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