San Antonio Riverwalk

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (which I hope you do!) you saw that Kevin and I took a Fourth of July trip to San Antonio. One of the most iconic if not the most iconic parts of San Antonio is the Riverwalk. When booking our hotel we decided that we needed to stay right on the Riverwalk. Not only is this way events restaurants when booking our hotel we decided that we need to just a right on the river rock. Not only is this where lots of events and restaurants are but by doing so we wouldn't need to rent a car! 
All about saving money right? Plus racking up the steps is a nice bonus. 

Lucky for us my brother was able to hook us up with a hotel right on the Riverwalk. The photo below is a view we enjoyed during breakfast each day!  We spent several hours on the Riverwalk each day we were there. I've been on several different river walks but was surprised at the intimate feel on this one. With the smaller width of the river and the trees and buildings that hug it, the feel was close and intimate. 

I knew when I was researching what to do on our visit that there were paid barge tours that you could take. Well being one to not leave any stone un-turned I quickly found out that's it was possible to have private dinner barge cruises followed by the discovery of a couple restaurants who offer public dinner tours . Well I jumped on that and we were so glad I did! It was a wonderful three course dinner and we didn't have to fight the massive lines and crowds going on the public barge tours and on the Riverwalk.

I tried my hand at the overhead view of the table photo ... I think I pulled it off!

The views from our tour and on the Riverwalk in general are beautiful. When you visit San Antonio spending time on the Riverwalk is a must!!

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