Kevin Says What?

I've been reading Life According to Steph since I started blogging I think and one of my absolute favorite posts are her monthly Shit MFD Said. I read them and think that MFD and Kevin are each other's spirit animals. The things MFD says are so much alike Kevin it's ridiculous. So it inspired me to actually pay attention and write down the ridiculous things Kevin says instead of just shaking my head and chuckling.

So I've been doing that for the past few months and I've compiled a list of some of the crazy things Kevin says. Here are the more appropriate ones!

On washing the sheets.
You're still sick and I still fart so we should wash them.

Wait, what's throwing shade? Is that what happens to Kim Kardashian because her butt's so big?

What would happen if we both took the DNA test in Kevin's mind.
We did the ancestry test and found out we're brother and sister. Whoops and we're already married.

Me trying to be romantic

You're my forever person. That's still so crazy.
I'll try to hold a few farts now.

Kevin being up on what movies  That looks good. I also want to see Bad Grandpa
That came out years ago didn't it?
*Looks it up on IMDB*
Yeah that came out in 2013

On fighting for the middle of the bed space

As soon as I move your butt is going to go back to the middle. Back to the middle and around again 100 percent pure love

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