Architectural Artifacts

Have you ever had a place where you sorta know what it is but not really, it seems like it would be cool but you're not sure what to expect and it's probably right up your alley? Architectural Artifacts was this for me. I had seen people who had their weddings their but couldn't really tell what it was, it was somewhat hard to tell what you'd be walking into from the website but needless to say it looked like a place that I needed to visit. 

In May, my friend Britta and I made a point to get together and visit. We are so happy we did. 

Architectural artifacts was super cool. Yes I know I sound kinda lame putting it that way but there is really no better words to describe it than super cool. It is literally right around the corner from the Montrose Brown Line stop so we had a few minutes to chat about how we weren't quite sure what to expect but were excited to see it together. 

When you walk in you enter a hallway first then as you really enter the building it just opens up and you realize that what you thought was just one or two of the warehouses from the outside is probably most of the city block! As we started to walk through we quickly realized that it wasn't just some architectural salvage it was architectural salvage of all shapes and sizes. There was a room of mirrors that had been moved here all the way down to staples from the late 19th century. 

Really words don't do it justice ... 

Britta needed to give some context to how big this jar actually was!

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