Tortilla Crusted Fish

I love to cook, I know as if that wasn't obvious! As I was saying, I love to cook but one area of cooking I don't tend to enter into is creating my own recipes. Sure I'll cook stuff from scratch, like throwing some great rubs on meat and such  but I don't know if I've ever really just thought of an idea and then cooked it. 

Last week I had an epiphany moment on how to use some of the three boxes of hard shell tortillas I had some how acquired ... tortilla crusted fish!! 

Tortilla Crusted Fish

Hard Taco Shells (I used a box and a half of Old El Paso)
Flour & Egg for binding
Fish (we had blue gill but any white fish would work, or this will be great with chicken)
Oil, for frying
Seasoning of your choice

1. Crunched up shells in a plastic baggie. 

2. Then crush them with a Meat Tenderizer or a pan.

3. Add the spices of you choosing to the shells. I would recommend something like Pampered Chef's Tex Mex Rub.

4. Set up your breading stations. Then bread the fish (or chicken) with flour, egg then lastly the shell crumbs.

5. Fry in oil until the fish is cooked. Then set aside on a paper towel covered plate to sop up the extra oil.

6. Enjoy!!

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