Birthday Tote Gift

Last week one of my best friends, Jackie, celebrated her 30th birthday. Kevin and I, along with her friends and family got to celebrate with her this past Sunday. I want to give special presents but don't want it to be useless stuff that will get put in with the Goodwill donation. Since I have the Cricut now I thought it would be fun to make her a special one of a kind tote bag. I always need a reusable tote, even though I have a number there never seems to be enough!  

I thought it needed a little more to the design so I ended up adding some flowers, you'll see the final one a little lower. Then it occurred to me that really the bag needed to be filled. It dawned on me it might be fun to fill the bag with some treats and neat little items. With it being a milestone birthday obviously I couldn't just put a couple of treats in the bag. Yup! 30 fun items for turning 30.

These are just a few of the items that I was able to fit into the bag. Since I am working on my own clutter I tried to think of little items that would be used up or useful. I found some really pretty photo magnets at Michael's, I asked what her favorite movie theater treat was. There is a roll of fun wrapping paper and cute cocktail napkins. I made a point to find fun small items that were either right at a dollar or under. Thankfully a great clearance sale at Michael's helped me stick to that budget.


After getting all the fun items I just packed up the back and added some fun  tissue paper, card and it was ready to go! You don't have to make your own tote to have this be a special present. Now so many reusable totes come in fun patterns, your favorite team or any other thing you can think of.

This gift is an easy and easy to customize for anyone. Need a gift for a kid's birthday? Get all little kid related items. For the guy in your life? Customize it for him. Jackie loved the present and I hope if you make this for someone they enjoy it too! : )

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