They Say It's My Birthday ...

They say it's my birthday ... yes today! : ) Even though today is the actual day of my birthday Kevin organized a little get together over the weekend with some of my favorite ladies!! We went to Weber Grill for dinner. I tried to write down all the ridiculous things we said throughout the evening since we're hilarious and I actually got a few written down, those will be in blue.  
Becky (in the car on the way to dinner) are you telling me I should hit a few Verizon signs on my way home
Kevin: yes go for it. 
Becky: Challenge accepted
Me to Becky during dinner ... he's a douche cube. We don't need douche cubes in our lives.

I have no idea what we were doing here. Kevin said get up on the bench and do something. This is how fabulous my friends are they go with it no matter how silly. 

​Everyone to me after the above photo:
I think you should get in the ash bucket and take a picture
No one is looking.
That's how you roll when you're 31

After we got  back to our apartment for board games and some lovely cocktails. Ever the practical person Stephanie not only brought the stuff to make cocktails but helped me work on a 101 list by making sure it was one of the Disney inspired cocktails. We made the Stitch cocktail, with the added bonus of the worms on a stick. 

I was terrible and didn't end up taking any photos of our Apples to Apples time before Stephanie and Lauren had to head out. I did how ever get some good photos of the ridiculousness that happened during the round of Sweet Valley High the board game. The best part? We were all totally sober and majorly ridiculous.

Jackie: Trading boyfriends until you get yours adds some mystery.
Bethany: that's the story of my life

Jackie: This (Sweet Valley High the Board game) would be a really fun drinking game.
Becky: Every time they day Enid waterfall

​On relating Sweet Valley High the Board game to politics
This is why international politics is so hard.
Iraq I've got your boyfriend 
Iran I've got your prom dress

Becky won and since Jessica (her player) was prom queen we decided to make her a sash to show her victory. Since we all know every victor and prom queen needs a sash.

Kevin decided we needed to bring out the party poppers that we had leftover from NYE like three years ago. 


 All in all it was an amazing night with amazing friends. I'm so thankful I got to ring in 31 (well almost) with such great people!!

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