Get to Know You Disney Quiz

I always enjoy getting to know other bloggers and I especially love it when they share posts about topics I really like ... like Disney! Stephanie shared with me a fun post from Audrey over at Life as Louise who did a get to know you through Disney. I did end up changing around a few of the questions because I thought there were some important ones that needed to be addressed.

So I thought I'd take some time and share my answers to the same questions because you can never know too much about someone and it can say a lot about them with what Disney answers they choose!

1.  Favorite Character: Aurora
I mean come on if you've talked to me for even an hour you know this!

2,  Favorite Princess: Aurora
She's everything and totally under appreciated!

3. Favorite Heroine: Megara
She's just so sassy it's fantastic but she can be vulnerable and caring when it counts.

4.  Favorite Prince: Prince Phillip
He is one of my all time favorite cartoon crushes. So dashing it makes you swoon!

5. Favorite Hero: Basil of Baker Street
He totally kicks butt again the evil Professor Ratigan (who is actually kinda scary)

6.  Favorite Animal: Pascal
He is hilarious! Both Kevin and I have adopted him as like our family spirit animal it's great.

7. Favorite Sidekick: Timon & Pumba 
They're a pair that you just can't split up.

8. Favorite Villain: Hades
He's just so sassy it's ridiculous and I love it.

9. Favorite Original Character: Minnie Mouse
I was obsessed with her when I was little. I had everything Minnie! She is definitely my go to for my favorite original character still. Totally loving the new Pandora charms that are Minnie!

10. Favorite Love Song: Bella Notte
It's actually a pretty underrated love song, as far as Disney love songs go. Since the movie came out in 1955 it has that vibe like so many of the good crooners did from that time.

11.  Favorite Song: Once Upon a Dream
Seriously I can listen to it over and over again every day of my life. Also the cover by No Secrets Once Upon Another Dream when the DVD first came out is not too shabby either, it's a great workout song.

12.  Favorite Villain Song: Be Prepared from The Lion King
When Lion King came out my best friend growing up and I LOVED that soundtrack. We would seriously listen to my cassette tape over and over again while dancing/acting around the house. This was our favorite song.

13. Least Favorite Song: Very Good Advice from Alice in Wonderland
I just find the song really annoying.

14.  Favorite Kiss: Lady and Tramp
It's just so iconic you can't go wrong.

15. The First Disney Movie You Saw: Cinderella

16. Favorite Classic: The Three Caballeros
This is definitely one of those movies that people just skip over and don't pay attention to. You're really missing out. It's a classic for a reason.

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head: Let It Go
The Disney Pandora station just loooooves to play that song. As much as I enjoy it Disney Pandora station you really need to branch out. There are some other great tunes you can play.

18. Favorite Pixar Film: Wall-E
Kevin and I just really love to watch that one together.

19. Lease Favorite Pixar Film: Toy Story
I know I might get tarred and feathered for this one but I have just never been into Toy Story that much. *ducks as things fly at her*

20. Favorite Sequel: The Return of Jafar
To be honest it's really the only good sequel. I know I googled what other sequel's there are just to double check!

21. Overrated Movie: Toy Story

22. Underrated Movie: Muppet Treasure Island & Bedknobs and Broomsticks
I find that a lot of the live action movies don't get their due and they're actually pretty amazing.

23. Favorite Outfit: Sleeping Beauty the blue dress
Seriously I want that dress. I want someone to make it for me and I will wear it around the house ... all the time.

24. Movie that Makes you Cry: UP
Really any of them where anyone dies I get choked up.

25. Which food dish from a Disney movie would you most want to eat:
The grey stuff from Beauty & The Beast. They actually now have the grey stuff at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom. It was delicious!

26. Saddest Death: Athena in Little Mermaid: A New Beginning
It sounds bad because it's a sequel (not even since it was the 3rd one haha) but they way they show her getting crushed by the ship was actually kinda really graphic. I made Kevin watch it with me and we might both be a little scarred from it still.

27. Favorite Quote: When do I not talk in Disney quotes? That would be interesting to try and talk that way all day sometime ... 

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." -- Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -- Walt Disney

To name just a couple

28. Favorite Theme Park: Epcot
I love getting to go around the world without actually needing a passport.

29. Favorite Theme Attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean 
I was really bummed because when we went last October it was closed for most of the day we were there.

30. Favorite park food: Rice Krispie treats
Seriously all of the different Rice Krispie treats are just sooo good. I'm partial to the peanut butter ones as well as the chocolate dipped ones. In case you're in need of a birthday present for me since it's coming up quickly feel free to send some my way ; )

Now that I've shared my results to this quiz I want to see yours!!!

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