5 Tips for Planning a Killer Stay-cation

It can be really great to go on vacation to some exotic location but having a great stay-cation can be just as fabulous.  I have some tips for planning a stay-cation that will rock your world.

1. Pick a location
Really think about the options for your stay-cation. If you live in a suburban area right by a city you have several options like having a city weekend or staying the burbs. Maybe you live in a more rural area where there might be some amazing camping or outdoor adventure type of stay-cations.

2. Decide on what you're doing 
For our stay-cation weekend we went with a theme and tried to do more adult type of activities, like high tea and massages. You might want to do a recapture your childhood weekend, which could include trip to an arcade (or if you're in Chicago the beercade!) or ice skating in the park.

3. Check things off your list
When you live in a certain area you always tend to take things for granted or are always saying I'll visit their or eat there eventually. Either way think about some of the things you always talk about how fun it would be to do and just add them to your list!! For our weekend I wanted to have meals at a couple of the restaurants on my list and get the cupcake from the cupcake ATM so we made sure that those were on our weekend itinerary.

4. Splurge
Since you're familiar with the area & don't have to travel very far you can afford to splurge a bit. Haven't had a massage in a year? Find a good place and get one! You've been dying to try out the new fabulously expensive restaurant? Go for it! Then eat cheap for the rest of the weekend ha. By staying close to home you save on the travel expense and can splurge on fun stuff.

5. Be in good company
For my recent stay-cation weekend it was a bestie weekend but it would have been awesome to do a girls weekend with my mom and sister in law. You don't always need to bring someone with to be in good company. Sometimes you just need a fun weekend for yourself! That way you know you'll get to see and do what you want.

Just because you aren't going somewhere totally new doesn't mean you can't have an amazing stay-cation! What is your best stay-cation tip?

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