What's Been Happening Lately

I feel like I've been all over the place lately so here's a little update post!

1. Earlier in the month one of the Gamma Phi alumnae groups I'm involved in went to the trivia night fundraiser for Kappa Delta. It was tons of fun and we actually came in 4th! I was very proud since there were several categories that we totally had NO idea what half the answers were. Thank you deductive reasoning!

2. This past week I got to see Lane on three separate times, one of which was a babysitting afternoon with my mom. It was so much fun and I can't believe he's actually toddling around now!

3. Pampered Chef kicked off the new spring/summer 2016 season this month and there are some fantastic new products this season. There are a few that have already become my new favorites but more on that another time : ) Plus we had our recipe slam meeting, which is everyone's favorite meeting, we all bring a recipe from the new Season's Best and stuff ourselves try them so we can share with our customers.

4. This past weekend I had a fabulous staycation with my best friend and twin Becky. Overall it was a really fun, post about the weekend forthcoming on Friday. For now I'll share a photo of us at the River dye.

5. I got to cross off two items from my 101 list this past weekend! Seeing the Chicago St. Patrick's Day river dye was one of the items on my list. It was a neat experience to see in person but it was one of those things where it was a bit over hyped in my mind. They pull one of the big tour boats up to a certain point spraying the dye and they circle ... then they circled some more ... then some more. It took at least a good 20 minutes for most of the area I was standing by to be colored. I'm glad I had it on my list and had a great spot to see it, next year I'll just enjoy it from the comforts of my couch.

Becky and I got cupcakes from the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM! I finally got to try and little piece today and it was delicious. I even shared some with Kevin. Next weekend I'll be crossing off another item with the help of Stephanie.

6. Unfortunately Becky and I didn't end our weekend as well as we could have. We ended up with what we think was the stomach flu hitting us Monday night. It hit Becky way worse than me but today we seem to be doing much better. It feels like I've been sick more often in 2016 than ever before. Hopefully this is not a continuing thing for the rest of the year!

7. I've been rocking it on Weight Watchers the past couple of months! I haven't weighed in this week but at my last weekend I was down a total of 29.6.

I think that's all the big things that have been happening this month! What have you been up to lately?

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