The Van Gogh Bedrooms

2016 has been the year of blockbuster exhibits at Chicago museums, first there was the Greeks at the Field Museum and now at the Art Institute the Van Gogh Bedrooms! Becky and I made a point to go see the exhibit during our stay-cation trip earlier this month. Being near museums that are able to bring in art and artifacts that might never be seen anywhere but their original museums is amazing.

Going in to the exhibit I knew there was a recreation of the bedroom and all three of the paintings but for some reason I was under the impression that was it to the exhibit. Clearly I was wrong on that aspect! I love how much of his story and the history behind the Bedroom paintings was shared, for me I love to hear those stories behind the art it make the art itself mean so much more.

Even though we went on a Monday it was still pretty packed and I wish I would have been able to get a closer look at certain parts of the exhibit. Maybe since Becky is a member of the Art Institute now we'll get a chance to visit the exhibit again before leaves May 10. Now for the fun part ... photos of the exhibit!

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