Silly Early Emails

Awhile ago I decided do a little electronic clutter cleaning ... shocker I know ... I ended up looking through my Kevin folder. Which turned into me reading through the emails we would send when we first met each other. Let me tell you the walk down memory lane was quite hilarious. We talked about Myspace waaaaay too much for 2009 haha. Kevin and his kookieness haven't changed much the past seven years. Thought I would share some of my favorite Kevin quotes from our early emails!

So, in between seeing your family, let's meet up.  No date or anything like that, just two people talking and we will take it from there.  If we agree on friends, yee haw!  If we go for dating, double yee haw! 

Yes, you can stalk me on Myspace.  You are good looking AND I know you, it's all good!

No sexy costume for Halloween?  Oh darn!  I won't be able to stalk your pictures of that costume on myspace...... 

You were right and I was wrong.  There you go!  Happy now?  Ha!

Your mood on myspace is miserable?  Better change that to "Horny" because of that bass player Kevin!  LOL! 

Here is the laugh of the day.....I just had my Mom check my throat and found a bunch of white spots on my swollen lymph node glands.  Great!  I have some sort of an infection.  So don't plan on kissing my lips on Saturday, you really don't want what I have. (this is the precursor to my getting mono ugh!)

(This is two months into dating before he was cleared to kiss me by the doctor)  Betsy, I am going a little crazy not being able to kiss you.  It's driving me wild inside and I can see the same look on your face.  But I think in the end, it will all work out. 

I can't believe some of the things we said to each other when we were first dating, oh my goodness! 

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