Out of the Egg Comfort Zone

As well all know I have some weird food issues. One of them is the whole runny yolk thing. Well this past week I sort of overcame that. A while ago I was turned on to Budget Bytes. Beth shares some amazing recipes that fill your stomach and keep your wallet full at the same time. A while ago I got an email with a delicious looking recipe, Curried Potatoes with Poached Eggs.

I'm sure you're probably thinking Betsy you've never mentioned liking Indian food and we all know how you feel about runny eggs. Actually I do enjoy Indian food, most of what I have had in the past are the basics but with one of Kevin's friends, who is Indian, getting married and us having dinner with them early in January I have been able to delve more into it. Needless to say so far I'm enjoying it and now that we've found a really good Indian restaurant really close by I'm sure we'll be enjoying it again soon.

Now back to the whole reason for this post! When I saw this recipe it just looked delicious, egg and all, so I went ahead and pinned it. In the back of my head I was saying this would be the perfect vegetable recipe to cook that scares you!

Overall the recipe was a hit with both Kevin and I. The sauce was delicious with the fresh naan we got at the store. Unfortunately I overcooked the eggs so they weren't runny at all! I was going more by look of the eggs instead of the time, which I think was the issue. We also thought that next time we make it we'll reduce the amount of potatoes so there will be more great sauce. Also I will make sure to pay attention to the egg timing! Curried Potatoes with Poached Eggs will be a new staple on our regular roster for sure.

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