3 Tips to Get you Re-motivated for your New Years Resolutions

Now that we're almost into March, New Years and those resolutions you set, in a possibly tipsy state, seem like forever ago. You've sort of been keeping them up but not really and you definitely haven't been keeping them up as much as you had wanted to. Here are some tips to ramp up those New Years resolutions and goals again!

1. Enlist help. 
Did one of your friends make a resolution to get in shape too? Join a gym together and schedule work outs when you can go together. Need to save money? Get help from that friend who always has their finances down to the penny budgeted for or have your significant other review the bills with you each month.

Not only will they keep you accountable but it can just be down right more fun to kick those resolutions in the butt together.

2. Reward Good Behavior
We all know that really changing a behavior and habit should be a reward in itself but who are we kidding that rarely works. Sometimes we need that carrot! Especially if we've been slacking off and need to get re-motivated.

 Can't bring yourself to work out three days a week just to improve your health? Maybe an 80 minute massage at the end of two months of consistent working out will do the trick or a cute new dress. Who knows you could be buying a smaller size by then as well.

3.  Write down WHY you want to achieve the resolution
When you get bogged down and more discouraged that change isn't happening quickly or you're just so tired of trying it makes sense to remind yourself why you picked this resolution. Take loosing weight for example, I'm sure part of it is to feel better, but maybe it's to fit into that dress you absolutely love or to be able to run around with your nephew and not feel like crap.

There is usually a deeper reason for why we want to change things in our life. Explore that and let it re-motivate you to keep making those changes!

I know I've slacked a bit on my resolutions so I'm going to take my own advice and get back to work!!

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