Off Scale Weight Loss Victories to Celebrate

When you're loosing weight sometimes it's easy to get depressed when the scale doesn't reflect the work your putting in. I've always been a big proponent of celebrating the off scale victories. Since I've been working the Weight Watchers program this past year and a half I've encountered some insanely great off scale victories. Here are some of my favorite of scale victories that I have gotten to celebrate and love celebrating!

You buy something totally awful in a guilty moment and then once you're home you end up getting rid of it. Without eating any of it. 

That moment your favorite shirt which fit nicely is now noticeably huge on you.

Buying a smaller size at your favorite store!

When you smile you can tell your neck and jawline look more defined 

You can fit both hands in the waist band of your pants.

Being able to get your pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.

Everyone has been saying you look thinner but you finally are able to see it when you look in the mirror!

What have been some of your best off scale victories?!

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