8 Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix

When winter hits here in Chicago I go into hibernation mode! This usually means cuddling on the couch enjoying movies with Kevin. While the weather has been unseasonably nice so far this winter it doesn't mean we haven't gone into hibernation mode. I've been inundating our movie nights with Christmas movies. Kevin doesn't seem to be a fan of some but I love Netflix for having a Christmas movie for everyone!

Christmas Bounty
Probably one of the more ridiculous Christmas movies out there! She's a secret bounty hunter whose biggest collar is out and wants revenge. Trying to put him back in jail along with saving her family, dopey fiance and dealing with the sparks from her ex boyfriend this silly Christmas movie a fun one for a night in. 

Christmas Cupid
Chad Michael Murray ... I mean really do I need to say anything more? It's fantastic.

I'll Be Home for Christmas
I remember when this one came out! Such a good full on Christmas comedy. JTT is in his element and you are just rooting for him the entire movie.

Christmas Kiss
Stereotypical Boy meets girl in elevator in "mask". Boy kisses girl. Girl turns out to be his girlfriend's assistant but he doesn't recognize her even though she wasn't really wearing that great of a mask. Girlfriend turns out to be a big bi***h aaaaand I think we can all figure out the rest? It's so predictable yet I still love it.

12 Dates of Christmas
This might be one of my favorite ABC Family Christmas movies. I've probably seen it a dozen times now. It's got a Christmas and Groundhogs Day (the movie) thing going on and I totally dig it. Plus it doesn't hurt that Mark Paul Gosselaar is not only a dreamboat but is also sweet and caring. It takes Amy Smart's character a while to get it together but she figures it out eventually and everything has a lovely fairy tale ending.

White Christmas
Need a little classical Christmas in your life? White Christmas has you written all over it. If you're hanging out with Grandma reminiscing about what Christmas was like back in her day this is the perfect flick.

Nightmare Before Christmas 
Not a typical Christmas person? Need a little fright in your Christmas? Disney and Netflix have you covered.

Fireplace for Your Home
This is probably the best thing I've ever found on Netflix. For us, living in an apartment we miss out on the Christmas in front of the roaring fire. Now thanks to Netflix we don't have to feel left out! It's not just one but three episodes of a crackling fire with Christmas music. As if this couldn't be any better Netflix made the above trailer!

To get you in the Christmas spirit Netflix has you covered! What's your favorite Christmas movie to chill at home and watch?

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