5 Things to Remember when Planning Your at Home NYE

When Kevin was still with Stache New Years Eve was always a big deal. They would be playing at one of the big hotels in the Loop, myself and all the ladies would get super dolled up then rock out till we couldn't stand up. It was always a lot of fun but now that I'm a little bit older, prefer to be chill more and trying to save money those expensive, crazy NYE out just don't cut it for us anymore.

Even though we stay at home that doesn't mean we're just falling in front of the TV at 8pm. It's the perfect evening to do something special.

1. Make a night of it. I'm a big fan of going for a full on theme. For our NYE this year I think we're going to go for game night. We bought a somewhat (or extremely if you ask Kevin) hard puzzle at Disney that we haven't even opened yet. Usually for game nights we tend to have lots of wonderful munchies so I think that's what we're going to do this year.

Last year mom and I had a fancier fondue NYE. I find that making a night of it and planning out a theme to the night makes it a little more special and you won't feel like you're lame or missed out on something by staying in. 

2. Have somewhat of a plan. So you've picked out your theme for your last night of 2015 now it's time to get down to specifics. I feel like lately all my tips include having a plan but I've come to realize that it is important!! If you don't plan out what you want to eat, especially if you're following my next tip, you could end up spending way more than you have to. Which we all know I don't want.

Not much a of a cook? Planning ahead is also important for you too! Say you want to grab take out or have something delivered from your favorite restaurant you bet your bottom dollar you better check ahead of time to make sure that they're open on NYE!

If you don't plan out what movie you want to watch you might not have time to get it from Netflix or rent it from the library. Maybe you want to borrow a game from your sister and you didn't plan ahead to ask and now they want to use it NYE since they read this post and decided on a fabulous night in.

3. Splurge. NYE seems to be one of those nights each year that people like to splurge and go all out. Have you seen what some of the ticketed events cost? Downtown Chicago where our friends are playing tickets start at about $135 and just go up from there. Why shouldn't you splurge a tad on your at home night?

Exactly you should! Watch the sales fliers and get lobster tails and steak for dinner early so you won't be paying an arm and a leg but will still indulge. Don't go for the $100 bottle of champagne but keep an eye out for deals on the more mid range ones. Or if you just want a special bubbly and aren't a big wine/champagne drinker (like myself!) go for a low range sparkling wine.

4. Take it up a notch. Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you have to get into your pajamas at 6 and put the hair up in a ponytail. Maybe you and your guy wear nice outfits for your nice night in. Or if you just want to veg out break out your nice pajamas that you don't wear often because you have your comfy stand by.

Go crazy and get some dollar store NYE celebration items as well. Get some crowns and a couple noise makers to ring in 2016. Yeah it seems silly to spend money on something like that but this will take your night in to an actual celebration.

5. Relax & have fun! Whenever I try and do something special I always put pressure on myself to make it awesome and perfect, even when it's a night at home. I just have to tell myself that Kevin and I will have fun and enjoy our time together no matter how good or bad things go.

What are your tips for a fun NYE at home?

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