4 Apps to Earn Giftcards

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Since getting a smart phone a few years ago I've really embraced using apps to their fullest extent. This has included using them to earn gift cards and other rewards!! I've found that using apps are a great way to earn a little extra dough or another reward you've been eyeing without a lot of work.

I know you've seen me mention Swagbucks in the past so I won't chat too much about it. Swagbucks is by far where I have earned the most amount of gift cards and I'm definitely the most actively using. Pretty sure I've earned over $500 since starting.

There is also a special promotion going on right now, I posted about it earlier today.

This app is one that I found through another blogger maybe like a year ago now. You have a set number of receipts you can load each week and for every 4 receipts you get 100 points and then any more you can load for entries in the weekly sweepstakes. It's taken quite a while but I'm almost to a $100 Amazon gift card. One con is that the receipts can only be from the current month and it does take a while to accumulate points but for only taking like 5 minutes each week to take pictures of receipts before I pitch them it's totally worth it.

My friend Becky turned me on to Shopkick recently and I've been enjoying it so far. Their set up is almost like a game where at certain stores you can scan items for points as well as getting points just for going in to a store. There may have been a couple times where I sent Kevin on a mission to scan items while I grocery shopped. So far I haven't redeemed my kicks (points) for anything, I chose to save up my kicks for a Kitchen Aid mixer but there are gift cards and other prizes too. Again this is another simple one that you can tack on to shopping you already do. I mean come on you're already going to be in Target why not get some points while you're at it!

National Consumer Panel
I don't actually earn gift cards through NCP, they have a rewards catalog where you can earn different prizes. When I started they didn't have the app you had to apply but it seems that you might just be able to sign up. You track your spending during the week and get points for transmitting your shopping trips. They also have surveys they invite you to complete for points as well. Right now I'm saving up my points for a Kitchen Aid or a Michael Kors watch ... we shall see which I go for!

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