Little Free Library

Five years, in 2009, a man named Todd Bol from Hudson, Wisconsin built a little school house as a tribute to his mother. She was a former school teacher who loved to read. Todd filled the little schoolhouse with books that were free to everyone. Thus the Little Free Library was born. Soon friends and family began to love the idea and he built more little schoolhouses to give to people in the community. After discussing the project with University of Wisconsin-Madison professor, Rick Brooks, the two men saw this as an opportunity to reach certain goals. 

The Mission
To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.

Our Goal
To build 2,510 Little Free Libraries—as many as Andrew Carnegie—and keep going.

Since it's inception the Little Free Library concept has grown by leaps and bounds. Achieving it's goal by August 2012 and by January 2015 an estimated 25,000 registered Little Free Libraries existing.

Yup that's a guitar pic for the door

A few years ago my Mom, being the fantastic children's librarian she is tasked my Dad with building their own Little Free Library. Since then the corner with the bench has grown exponentially more popular. People make special trips from two blocks away to add books and check to see what's new. There was even someone who stopped at 4am to grab a book!

If you're not familiar with Little Free Library go check it out and consider building your own!

 He enjoys reading the books more than hanging out inside. 

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