Life Lately

So I realize I've been a little quiet this past week or so. I feel like I haven't caught you up on everything else that's been going on in life either. I know I'm really slacking lately.

1. For me last week was crap. I wrote a post about it. Surprisingly writing while I was upset and on my phone it didn't come out that terrible haha. Still feel weird at work this week. Not sure what my next step will be.

2. Kevin started his new job yesterday! It's totally different from his old place and so far he's loving it. I hope it continues to be great even after the first few get to know you weeks.

3. I'm now totally addicted to FitBit. Since we're unpacking from the move I've been racking up the steps. At first I was loving the smack talking with my friends during the challenges then once I hit my first steps goal. Oh my gosh! The fireworks and the buzzing is addicting! Now I must achieve this every day. Very addicting.

4. Work on the DIY Christmas gifts is in full swing in our house! I've already got two gifts completely finished and wrapped. There are about four more in progress now and I think I've got all the stuff for all my projects now.

5. This past weekend we attended one of Kevin's friends he's known since junior high wedding. It was really cool because the couple is Indian. I had never been to a traditional Indian wedding before, neither had Kevin so it was definitely an experience. We really enjoyed the traditions like processing with the groom to meet the bride. There was music blaring, we were all dancing and jumping around.

The food was fantastic. Both of us were a little wary because we expected more of it to be pretty spicy. A majority of the dishes from the luncheon and dinner we not spicy at all. I would totally go back to the restaurant that's attached to the banquet place.

6. Stepping up my Pampered Chef game lately. I've really been trying to start the conversation with people about Pampered Chef. Especially when it comes to helping people with things like recipes and replacement parts. I really would like to build a more active customer base and focusing on other ways I can help will I feel will add to that. There have been a number of people who I've been talking about shows the next month or so. Hopefully the holidays will be good Pampered Chef wise.

Things have been a little roller coaster recently, hopefully they'll start to calm down!

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