I had started this great, funny post over the weekend for last night that I was going to finish up after work. Well I didn't really feel up to that yesterday.

Found out that the director of my museum position I applied for I did not get.

Let me explain a bit. U have pretty much been running the department for almost a year, partially because of the previous director not wanting to be there and then when they were moved in June I was more officially acting as director. I didn't really have any help figuring stuff out because things needed to get done. We were moving at the end of last month so everything needed to still be full steam ahead.

I am not happy at all by this decision. I feel sort of betrayed. When talking with the higher up person in the past it seemed he wanted to eventually move me in to the position and if he didn't have to post the position would have been perfectly fine moving me in to the position.

I realize this happens all the time but when you're the expert museum person who has been there for over two and a half years already and someone new is brought in that you will have to share all the knowledge that you just spend 8 months figuring out on your own because there was no one there to help you. Also because of the nature of the place this person cannot just come in and hit the bricks running. Their is major hierarchy, language and systems.

I'm pretty much going to still be taking care of business for months while this person comes in and will be getting the glory for it.

At this point I have no idea what I should do. I make a great salary (I think!) for a museum and the benefits are insanely good. The other hand, how can I stay when I feel like utter crap about the situation and might have some resentment about the whole situation.

I will say I am getting tired of this feeling of two steps forward and one back in my career.

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