5 Tips for Writing Your 101 List Goals

When deciding to actually do a 101 list, or really any other big goal type list, it always seems like deciding on the tasks themselves are always the hardest part. I've got some tips that will make writing your list a little bit easier. 

1. Break it Down. 
When dealing with lists the size of a 101 list it's best to break it down. Currently my 101 list is broken up into different topic sections. Not only does that help organize but it helps to not go so out of control with one section over the other. This happened to me in the travel section of my first 101 list. I kept adding so many in that category and not so many in others. I realized that I probably wouldn't have the money for so many travel goals but not enough time too. 

2. Devil is in the Details
One of the biggest issues I had with not being able to complete as much of my first 101 list was that I was very vague about what I wanted to do and the time frame. This hurt my process because I left those until later because they were vague, didn't take time later to define which just meant I pushed them aside. Second time around I have made sure to be more detailed in not only the task itself but also the time frames.

3. Take Time to Decide
Doing something grand like a 101 list means you're committing yourself to 2.75 years with these goals. Even if you aren't doing a 101 list and doing a smaller one, like 30 before your 30, take some time to ponder them. Make sure they're ones you actually care about and want to complete. Sometimes it feels like people just add goals because they sound good. Do you really want to go to Paris? Or are you just putting it on your list because it sounds good. Maybe you'd prefer to visit Tokyo.  When going through and setting my goals this round I wrote and rewrote them a number of times.

4. Edit
Have someone look at them. Have a few people look at them. Heck have everyone you know look at them. Well maybe not that many people but I would highly recommend having a couple people who might be involved with your goals or are close to you check them out. In addition to Stephanie I had Kevin look them over (for obvious reasons) and my friend Rachel. She's known me since high school and knows me really well to where she can say I feel like you might be over reaching with that goal or you can totally make that one a little harder. 

5. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
I know I said before if everyone is saying they want to go to Paris you don't have to. That doesn't mean you can't look at someone's list and gain inspiration! I definitely googled 101 lists to see what everyone had on theirs. Quite a number of my goals were inspired from something someone else wrote. Maybe they said they wanted to bake bread with their bread maker, well that made me think how I had been wanting to bake bread with my Deep Covered Baker. 

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