I ate a Tomato & other 101 things

I ate a tomato.

Yes I actually did it. There wasn't physical proof but as Kevin, my mom, brother, sister in law and Lane, they'll all tell you I actually did it. Mom thought it would be life changing. Nope, still don't like them but I can cross it off my 101 list!! This was definitely the task I thought I would be saving until the end of the list to accomplish but when your sister in law has a bumper crop of tomatoes this year you figure if you're going to have one it might as well be a nice home grown one.

For the longest time I've been telling Kevin about this awesomely simple bread you can make with the Deep Covered Baker. Every time I tell him that he asks why we haven't had the bread yet. Well I didn't really have a good answer so I added it to my new list and made the first of the three loaves! It was awesome. There was no kneading, barely any steps to it and it came out wonderful. My favorite way of using it was to make toasted cheesy garlic bread from it. I'll be making my second loaf soon but using the new Rosemary Herb Seasoning Mix this time.  Been slacking a bit on the cooking area of my new list but the Crab Stuffed Chicken, of my things off Pinterest I was scared of, turned out well.

One area I have definitely NOT been slacking on has been watching Ken Burn's documentaries. Before it seemed I was going to have to request them thru Netflix on DVD but between Netflix Instant, Prime and my brother's Xfinity online I've seen The WestThe Roosevelts: An Intimate History and am working my way through The National Parks: America's Best Idea. I am huge fan of his style of documentary so I've very much enjoyed the in depth looks at these topics. Kevin wants to see Prohibition with me so that will have to wait until after Disney.

After Disney I'll hopefully be able let you know that I've crossed off all the 101 tasks relating to that. Although it wouldn't be all bad if not crossing one off means we have to go back right ....

I was also able to cross of the gallery wall, Kevin was a big help with this one. The layout of photos and other items was so not symmetrical but he put them all up and made them look great. Much to Mom's utter happiness I also finally made it through the Harry Potter series and boy was she right. As soon as I started reading I couldn't put them down. Since I had seen the first few movies I was enjoying how much alike the two were, then when I got to the other books I had to know what was going on! I think I'll probably go back and watch all the movies now. 

Whew!!! What a crazy first two months the new 101 list has been! It's going great though and I can't wait to cross off more tasks : )

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