Cover V. Original

One part of music that I've always enjoyed is when people cover songs. I mean come on I am kinda obsessed with cover bands! Most of the time people say that the original is way better but here are 10 of my favorites where the cover totally dominates the original. 

Dancing In the Streets
Original - Martha & the Vandellas
Cover - David Bowie & Mick Jagger

While I enjoy both versions I really enjoy the sound of the cover a little bit better. Plus this video just pushes it way over the top. I mean seriously if you've never seen the amazing that is Bowie & Jagger dancing together you need to take 2 minutes and 56 seconds to just enjoy it. God I love the 80's it's so wonderful. 

With a Little Help From My Friends
Original - The Beatles
Cover - Joe Cocker

While the Beatles version is amazing and I love it so much I think I might just love Joe's version a little bit more. It's got a rough edge to it that I think works well with the meaning of the song.

Smooth Criminal
Original - Michael Jackson
Cover - Alien Ant Farm

My apologies to the king of pop but his version just doesn't cut it compared to this hard rocking Alien Ant Farm version.

Whiskey in the Jar
Original - Dulbiners/Thin Lizzy
Cover - Metallica

Again with the loving the hard rock versions I know, I know. I just can't help it. Although my husband likes to remind me that this song is after the sold out, etc ... my reply is I don't care I just enjoy it for the awesome song it is. If you've never heard the Dubliners version of this song seriously check it out, it is definitely totally different!

Killing Me Softly
Original - Roberta Flack
Cover - Fugees

Who knew?! Lauryn Hill, you and your 90's teenage angst. I love it.

I will Always Love You
Original - Dolly Parton
Cover - Whitney Houston

Another one that I had no idea was a cover! No gonna lie but sorry Dolly, Whitney totally dominates in this cover. The "I will Always Love You" part at the end still gives me goosebumps.

Proud Mary
Original - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cover - Ike & Tina Turner

For me this match up might actually be a tie. Some times you need the smoother trip down the river with CCR and sometimes you need the crazy Tina Turner hair flip version.

Twist and Shout
Original - The Isley Brothers
Cover - The Beatles

The Beatles just barely beat out The Isley Brothers with their 1963 cover. Both versions hold up really well but The Beatles version is the one most of us know and love.

I Love Rock 'n' Roll 
Original - Arrows
Cover - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Who even knew that this was a cover? I definitely did not know that. Obviously since I didn't even know there was an original Joan's cover wins hands down.  

Original - Nine Inch Nails
Cover - Johnny Cash

The emotion Cash sings this song with is just ridiculous.

So what do you think? Original or cover?

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