AC/DC At Wrigley Field

Way back in winter, maybe even 2014, AC/DC one of my two all time favorite bands announced that they would be going on tour again. Needless to say I was insanely excited. I was stalking the websites to see when the tickets would go on sale and was well prepared that day with my multiple browsers ready to score us those tickets!!

It seemed like so long ago when I purchased the tickets, then all of a sudden it's September 15 and I'm heading downtown to Wrigley Field for the concert. I ended up getting us second row on the left side of the stage seats ... they were amazing! The place was jam packed with people ready to rock. 

Earlier in the day I had seen a former neighbor and someone I went to high school with posting about how her and her husband were on their way in for the show. Well not only did we see them, their seats were literally 7 rows behind ours! Definitely awesome to catch up before everything got started. 

The view from our seats.

Funny story. When Kevin and I had been dating for about 6 months AC/DC went on their first tour in a long time. Since I love  them so much we had bought tickets and were all set to go. Kevin who was somewhat sick for months after mono ended up needing his tonsils out and didn't go with me to the concert. I ended up going with his brother, who I had only met a handful of times at that point. Not gonna lie it was a bit awkward but still a killer night. I was so happy to finally get to see one of my favorite bands with my favorite guy.

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