Dear Persons of My Facebook ...

Dear younger female relative of mine ... The duck face is over. Pretty sure that was over at least a year ago now, if it was ever cool. Also I don't need to see half a dozen of the same photo of you giving said duck face. Really? I feel like after two of the same photos it gets a little narcissistic. You're an adult stop it.

Dear people saying "hubbehh" ... this is not even a word. Respect your husband and say it properly. You're an adult and it's not cute. Stop it before I smack you.

Dear people who feel the need to post every hour and sometimes twice an hour ... seriously? That is ridiculous. You work I know you do, are you even accomplishing anything at work? Also maybe instead of sharing everything under the sun that other people share, make some original content!! I'm pretty sure you have it in you to do so. Also you can stop posting Timewarps of asinine things like the lunch you had a year ago. No one cares.

Dear Promoted Posts ... what is this crap? It's never anything I am interested. Maybe if you stalk me like the side bar ads are obviously doing it would be worth your time and money but alas you're not. Slacker. Please go find someone else to bug.

Dear anyone who has anything to do with going back to school ... we realize it's the fall and school is starting we don't need multiple posts every day about it. To those who aren't doing that, thank you!

Dear Facebook ... we need to talk about my newsfeed. Stop messing with it! I keep changing it so I can see my awesome people and not see so much ridiculousness but it somehow keeps getting switched back. Stop that. It's annoying. Yes you're getting some major side eye right now.

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