Time Bandits

As I've mentioned before I'm on Weight Watchers again for the third time. The meeting topic this week really hit a cord with me. The topic for this week is watching out for time bandits. I've been actually working to improve on this.

Like a lot people I can sometimes get sucked in by those annoying time bandits. My biggest two time bandits are probably getting sucked in to Netflix when I have on as background noise and the sometimes compulsive social media checking. I've noticed some mornings I'll get sucked in to scrolling through Facebook and boom 15 minutes later I'm rushing.

What are some of the time bandits you see stealing your time??

Yesterday I left my phone at work. Yesterday evening and this morning my routines were definitely different! Instead of getting myself sucked in to things like Facebook and Bloglovin this morning I took that 15 minutes and put away a bunch of my jewelry along with pulling out items to sell at a consignment store. Getting that stuff accomplished this morning felt awesome.

With the topic of the week there is always a call to action question and the call to action this week is reduce one time bandit and what will you replace it with. This week and I am going to work on reducing my social media scrolling bandit. I'm going to replace it with mindful social media and even more time with Kevin!

Which of your bandits would you reduce and what would you replace it with?

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