Knitted Dish Clothes

Knitting is probably one of the only crafts I haven't totally gotten hooked on. My repertoire now includes one dish cloth style, scarves and a baby hat. Today I'm going to be sharing my killer dish cloth skills.
Seriously this thing is so easy! If you can do the very basic of basic knitting you can do this pattern. I have no idea where mom found it for me since I've been using it since college but here it is.

1. Cast on 4 times. If you're not familiar with casting on check out this video explain how to do so.

2. Then you're going to knit two, add one then knit until the end of the row.

3. You will continue this pattern until you have about 6 inches of washcloth. I usually do it until about the span between my thumb and pinky finger but if you want it to be a larger dishcloth then go for it.

4. Then to start finishing your dishcloth you will decrease your stitches. So knit one, knit two together, add one, knit two together, finish the row.

5. Then you keep repeating this until you've only got 4 stitches left. Then you will bind off. I would follow what the video says!

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