Life Or Something Like It

There has been a crazy amount of stuff going on in my life lately! I feel like I've been waiting for SO long to share some of it here too. Didn't want to jinx anything this time around I think, but now I can actually share it. So here are 10 things that have been going on in life lately.

1. The condo situation ... so back in April we were supposed to close with the buyers. It turned into a mess and they backed out. It was their issue and they just freaked out. So now we're having fun working on getting the earnest money because that's how earnest money works people! So we put it back on the market and that brings me to my next point ...

2. We are NOT homeowners anymore!!!!!!! As of 9am this morning we closed on the sale of the condo. After all the worrying about not being able to break even with the sale, the first buyer falling through and everything in between it feels awesome to say that first sentence.

3. After things being an annoying mess for almost 7 months I was finally officially made the Assistant Directory of the Museum! At the end the process only took a couple of weeks which is really annoying since it means people were just putzing around for 6 months but I'll take it!

4. Got to spend last Sunday hanging out with Stephanie and John! It was a fun afternoon of day drinking and 20 minutes of 'Stache before the downpour happened. John was out to get me totally drunk and I told him he could try but I would Jedi mind trick him, because that's how I roll. Guess what John? Yup. You were Jedi mind tricked.

5. Last Sunday I also had a fabulous brunch with my friend Lauren, from my Master's program. We ate at a little Irish bistro place, Mrs. Murphy & Sons, it was delicious.

6. Kevin and I got to babysit Lane. It was a lot of fun until we had issues haha. Kevin loved playing with Lane. In the photo he's taunting him with a piece of chocolate. The way Lane was eyeing the pizza and chocolate I think he might be ready for solid food.

7. This week I was invited for a fabulous dinner with wine pairings at Harvest at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL. Kevin and I had an awesome dinner, more to come with delicious looking photos on that one next week.

8. This goes with number 7 but I was finally able to meet one of the awesome Chicago bloggers I've known for quite a while ... Christine from Life With a Side of Coffee. We said we weren't going to do the weird I think I know you but can't quite place you thing but it so ended up happening! It's funny how you read someone every day and totally think you'd recognize them then don't right away!

9. I helped Mom out with some organizing that I've been meaning to do for probably months now. I went through her Tupperware cabinet, pulled everything out, made sure everything had a lid, sorted it and pulled out enough to fill and entire box for the garage sale. This was the counter mid pulling out

10. The Pampered Chef held a bunch of events around the country to celebrate the 35th birthday of the company! I was able to attend with a bunch of the ladies from my group. There were a bunch of prizes, unfortunately I wasn't lucky this time. I was lucky enough to get a selfie with Jean Jonas. She is one of the faces of the home office that we see all the time so it was fun to grab one with her!

Whew! A lot of great things have been happening in my neck of the woods lately. I'm glad summer is starting with a bang! How has your summer been starting off so far? Happy weekend!

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