Loyola University Museum of Art

Last month I was able to pop into the Loyola University Museum of Art or LUMA on their free day. This Streeterville museum has been on my list to visit for quite a while now but I'm always downtown on a weekend and don't get to take advantage of the free day.

This small art museum is one floor permanent exhibit and one floor temporary exhibits. Last month the temporary exhibit was about Shakers as a religon and their furniture on display. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos in that exhibit, most likely because of the religious nature of the exhibit, so I don't have too many to share regarding that part. Overall that exhibit was really interesting, I knew a bit about who Shakers are and their beliefs but really got to find out more details. The balance between giving background and history while displaying the furniture in a beautiful and artistic manner. 

The permanent exhibit at LUMA is the Gilded Glory: European Treasures from the Martin D’Arcy, S.J. Collection, of medieval artifacts and art. Honestly this was a bit unexpected although I guess I wasn't sure what to expect haha. I loved this exhibit! The history person in me was jumping for joy. There are not many places where one can see these types of artifacts here in the US. I won't bore you with a lot of words since a photo is worth a thousand!

While the LUMA might be a half day type museum it is definitely worth the trip! I would highly suggest pairing it with one of the historical mansions you can visit in River North for a day of fun.

Getting there: Right off Michigan and Chicago there are a ton of public transportation options for getting there. I personally would recommend that instead of driving since the Streeterville area  parking can be pricey.
Cost: Tuesday is always free. General Admission $8

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