What Are we Going to Think About This Friday ...

... the same thing we think about every Friday.

Every Friday rolls around and I some how find myself thinking the same thoughts over and over again. One would think that by now I'd realize how some these thoughts pan out but nope I still have them every week! Almost without fail every Friday my thoughts seem to scatter so today let's spend some time in my Friday brain. There is a lot of crazy thrown in with work.

- Woo it's 8am time to work.

- Man I've been working for forever now it has to be almost break time. 8:45?! what?!

- Oh good Stephanie is finally on Gchat work day can commence.

- Why is the former director asking me how to "Save As" a document again. Seriously this is getting ridiculous. I feel like I should be worried that she can't remember this simple computer task.

- Oooo Pinterest!

- It's finally time to go upstairs and check the mail. What reason do I have to pop into IT and chat with my work friends today?

- Dang I really need a blog post for today. It's Friday though I should just relax. Betsy you didn't post last night you need one for tonight.

- Lunch time! Awesome there are good leftovers from a conference group. Saving part of my lunch for Monday.

- UGH computer come on! All I want to do is edit these 100 huge photo files is that really too much to ask??

- Yes, it clearly was too much to ask. I apologize I'll work on something else for a while while you come off your hissy fit.

- I should read and comment on some blogs. HOLY COW! How did my Bloglovin get up to 298?! Oh hmmm I guess I haven't read the past couple of days have I?

- Man an hour and a half still seriously? Everyone else in my department just got to leave. Maybe some day I'll be salaried and can do that too. Ha.

- Hey look I took care of 1/2 of one of the piles on my desk aaaaaand someone brought in 3 more boxes of donations. Awesome.

- 10 minutes left yesssss. I didn't take my whole break I can pack up early and chat with Brian for a few minutes.

- Weekend!

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