We Moved!

I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when I shared 9 Things That Have Been Happening but I just had to share now since it finally actually really did happen! We moved!!! It's still crazy to think that what we've been talking about for forever has actually happened. This past week we packed up everything in our current place and at Kevin's parent's house and moved it all. Saturday was a very tiring day let me tell you.

I thought I'd share some new photos of our place. Sorry it's a little messy we're still unpacking and figuring out what all goes where. Plus there is definitely some stuff that isn't staying!

This is probably my second favorite part of the apartment. The whirlpool tub!! I have already used it once and we haven't even been moved in for an entire week yet. Pretty sure I need to get some fancy bubble bath ... or just dish washer soap ... anything that makes bubbles will work right?

We have a washer and dryer!!! No more having to save quarters and having the issue of when we run out deciding which clothes items are more important to wash. My dress pants always win in that fight.

Kevin is really excited about the kitchen too. He keeps saying we can cook together or when you kick me out of the kitchen you can at least talk to me still. I will miss not having a designated larger pantry cabinet. That has made deciding how to set up the kitchen a little tricky. 

We are so excited to be able to spread out and actually have space. There have been times when I've been in the bedroom listening to a movie and Kevin can't even hear me in the living room ... it's awesome. 

Last but not least we've learned that we really don't need everything that we have so we started a garage sale bin already. Pretty sure I need to expand to a second one now! 

There will definitely be more to come once we've gotten everything organized and unpacked. I have some fun ideas for our walls that I can't wait to share soon. 

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