Terrible Music Videos

Growing up we didn't have cable ... heck Kevin and I still don't have cable! So I pretty much missed out on the whole MTV and VH1 watching music videos thing. Now that YouTube has every video under the sun it's actually pretty funny when I come across some of these music videos because I'm just sitting at my computer ...

Especially when the song is such a good one and they make a crazy video for it. What were they thinking!?

If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher
I think we all know what Cher was thinking with this video ...

Call On Me by Eric Prydz
I actually really like this song, it is a good work out one. I feel like this is what a prepubescent boy in the 1980's imagines that this is what happened at the gym. Which makes sense with how old Prydz is.

Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65
I'll admit it, I love this song! I actually really enjoy most of this album but the video is out of this world. Another one where you should really expect it but you're just not prepared for it.

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys
At first I didn't quite understand where they were going with the video but then I realized duh they're monsters who were dead but now they're back. Still not that great of a music video decision guys sorry!

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
Honestly I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different from a song titled Cotton Eye Joe and a band named the Rednex. 

The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang
Like Cotton Eye Joe I'm not sure why I was expecting more from this video? I guess it's the whole grown men in monkey but with huge human ears thing that is freaking me out. What is that!?

The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
This video makes absolutely NO sense. I can't even begin to think of how the video connects with the song. I always imagined them being in a futuristic setting for some reason. 

Whatzupwitu by Eddie Murphy ft. Michael Jackson
The video ... the song ... Michael and Eddie .... I just can't. There are no words for this entire thing.

I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness
I'm hoping that the fact they were inspired by 80's hair metal bands is just a spoof and not a tribute. Pretty sure no man should be wearing that tight of a jumpsuit. Such a great song though!

Duh by Corey Feldman
Pretty sure Corey should not be wearing those pants. I also think he just wanted a legitimate reason to run around with girls in lingerie.  

Hooked on a Feeling by David Hasselhoff
The Hoff actually sounds pretty good in the video but the crazy green screen antics that are going down are just terrible. 

Chinese Food by Alison Gold
All around awful. This video popped up soon after the whole Friday debacle. There is nothing right about this video. Also wtf is with the panda at the sleepover with underage girls and a black man just pops out. Pretty sure whoever made this should have given that a second thought beforehand. Nope nope nope. 

Well now that we've gotten all the way through that terribleness! Did I miss any really "good" ones? I'm sure there are more out there that take the cake!
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  1. Lol these videos are hilarious! Great list!