Kevin's Everything & the Kitchen Sink Pork Tenderloin

The way Kevin eats is very interesting. He tends to combine everything and eat it. We're having leftovers ... put everything in a bowl and avocado then eat it. Cooking meat ... add a dozen different spices then cook it up. This is how Kevin's Everything & the Kitchen Sink Pork Tenderloin came into being. One time when Kevin took over the cooking he decided to spice the tenderloin with probably different spices and rubs plus lime juice. It actually was pretty amazing. Since then we've tried this method a different way each time and it's been a success!

There is no wrong way to do this method (at least that's what Kevin says) so just have at it. I'm going to share with you today's version of Kevin's Everything & the Kitchen Sink Pork Tenderloin!

1lb Pork Tenderloin
Spices (whatever your palate feels like today. I try and pair spices you might find together in different dishes)
Lemon/lime juice

1. Prep your pork. Remove fat and the silver skin.

2. Either in a bowl or in the bag (if you defrosted a frozen tenderloin) add the juice to your tastes. We enjoy the citrus flavor so ours get a little more.

3. Spice your tenderloin. Tonight I used the spices pictured above. I used a little more of the rosemary, garlic and Three Onion Rub since we love those flavors.

4. Cook with your preferred method. I used our Grill Pan since it's still crazy cold here. Outside on the grill is fantastic as well as baked.

5. Let the meat rest for about 5 minutes then enjoy!

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