I Turned 30!

So yesterday I turned 30. Whoa! It's really crazy to think I'm now in a whole other decade. I'm in my 30's. WHOA. I feel kinda like Sam from Sixteen Candles ... 

My 20's definitely had their major ups and some pretty major downs. I'm actually kind of excited to embark on this decade of my life. While I thought Kevin and I would start out of thirties a little more settled I'm thinking these first couple of years might actually contain a lot of changes for us. More of the changes you'd expect from your 20's! With us recently moving to a new part of the Chicago area and Kevin looking for a better position that could end with us in a different area of Chicago still who knows what will happen!

Needless to say I am more excited about our prospects in our 30's than they were in our 20's. Even though it doesn't feel so different than 29 I'm still excited. I spent some of this weekend being productive and was doing a little digital organization, in addition to all the other organization going on throughout the apartment, and showed Kevin some of the baby photos. There was one in particular that he thought was appropriate to share since it's probably my very first photo ever! Although I don't really look particularly thrilled to be entering the world. : )

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