Blog Things I Don't Get

As time goes on and I blog more and more I realize that there are some aspects of blogging that I just plain don't get.

Essential oils .... This isn't just a blog thing anymore. I see it everywhere! Where did this come from? How is everyone into it so much already??

Fashion bloggers photos ... Seriously Kevin and I have been working on his photo skills but it is just not happening. I realize part of it is the camera but our point and shoot is a really nice one. I'm just not sure how they do it?

SEO ... I've been working on reading articles and the pins I've pinned on this subject but alas it's just not clicking. Maybe I need to give myself an incentive or something. 

Why we don't like our heads ... Whenever you see artist photos it's always of people's feet or the lower half of their body. Are bloggers not supposed to like our heads or something? I think I missed that memo because personally I prefer my upper body to my lower. Maybe that goes back to the whole needing to work on my fashion blogger photo skills.

Instagram giveaways ... I keep seeing these everywhere and have been majorly confused by them. Clearly my months of trying to re-post on Instagram have been in vain since you can't actually post with Instagram you have to get a whole other app for that (Thanks Helene!!) Plus who has time for the loop ones. I unfortunately do not.

Weird nicknames ... I get it to a certain extent for privacy and whatnot but when people start referring to people with cutesy pet names I'm out. No I will not sit there and read about your Hubbins. 

Passive aggressive posts ...  Everyone can tell you're writing about a certain something someone tweeted or a post somewhere. Just say where it is so I don't have to google it and try to find out what you're talking about. 

Using every single hashtag under the sun ... I realize the perks of tagging posts so you hopefully get more people to see your stuff but seriously there is a point when it just gets ridiculous. Are 18 hashtags really that necessary?

Are you with me on some of these odd blog things or do you have your own list?

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