6 Heavy Metal Songs I Actually Enjoy

The one thing I pride myself on when it comes to my music is the fact that I can find at least one song in every genre that I enjoy. Kevin is always giving my flack that I hate his metal music but that's just not true! I definitely enjoy going to the darker side of rock and getting my metal on.

Dragula by Rob Zombie
This hit by Zombie came out during high school and by some miracle actually managed to be played on regular rock and top 40 stations often. I think because it made it to my everyday stations and I already had a leaning towards harder rock I just really liked this song.

Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Symphony of Destruction by Megadeath
This song I'm not so sure about. I have a feeling it came about during my college years when I really started to explore classic rock and branched out my rock genres from just what was being played on the radio.

Du Hast by Rammstein
This love actually goes way back to grade school. I've mentioned before about how I always wanted to be like my older brother, well this definitely translated into music as well. In high school when he was taking German he was introduced to Rammstein at some point or other. Then brought home abulms which I of course borrower without his knowing or approval.

Party Hard by Andrew W.K.

I love this song. It's harder rock but it's so upbeat and you really can't help but move when you hear it. You should really add this to your work out playlist, trust me.

More Human Than Human by White Zombie

Even though Kevin doesn't believe I like heavier metal music I can prove him wrong every now and then! Are you a heavy metal person or is it not your jam?

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