People of My Facebook

The people of my Facebook have actually been pretty non-annoying lately. Although it could be because I've started to hide certain people from my news feed ... I like to think it's the first one. There have been a few gems and annoyances lately though.

Calling your husband "hubbehh"
Seriously I don't know what it is but this makes me want to smack this person in the face. Maybe it's because it's such and immature way to say it and this person like to play like their an adult ... maybe ... probably ... 

Starting a status with "Quit my job today. Time for change. ‪#‎movingforward‬ ...If you know of anyone hiring ... I need a job ASAP"  
This is another one of those where I'm like you're an adult with a kid. Maaaaaybe you should have thought this one through a little bit first ...

People who share things and tag their spouse ALL. THE. TIME.  
So you live together and you're tagging him with this post you want him to see at night. When you're both at home. Wouldn't it be easier and less annoying to everyone else if you maybe moved over to the other side of the couch and just showed your spouse the 20 images of stupid things you found? Plus those images from random weird Facebook pages have viruses attached to them! Stop sharing them!

I just bought workout clothes and bacon. No one else thought it was funny, but me. Gotta love the south.

I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug.

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