9 Happenings That Have Been Happening

1. We put our condo up on the market February 27!!

2. We ended up having 7 showings over the weekend!!!

3. We got 4 offers for the condo on March 2 and accepted one!!!! Crazy right? Since those three things are so huge I felt they each needed their own point just for emphasis. So now Kevin and I are somewhat frantically working on getting an apartment since we need to be out by the end of April. At least we got them to push it back until then from March 15. That would have been nuts.

4. It's a new season for the Pampered Chef! I won't chat too much about that right now since I'm sharing more next week but I always love when the new season rolls around. It's a new beginning that happens twice a year.

5.  For one of my monthly Gamma Phi events we did our annual Feed My Starving Children night. FMSC is an amazing organization that is totally funded by donations and the meals are packed by volunteers. They don't have permanent locations all over but they do mobile packing sites nationwide. In the hour and a half our group (there were about 40 people total not just Gamma Phis) we made enough meals to feed 30 kids for a year. It was pretty awesome.

6. We went to Cancun! Early on in February Kevin, my mom and I went to Cancun to celebrate my oldest friend and my parent's god daughter's wedding. Oh my gosh was it amazing to get out of the Midwest. I've never been a big tropical vacation type person, I like to be out doing and seeing things, but honestly I didn't know what I was missing. I could probably get used to this type of vacation too!

7. More stress and stomach issues ugh. I like to keep it positive but I wouldn't be sharing life lately if I didn't include this. Last spring I was under some major stress from work that it totally messed up my stomach and I felt awful, for days like I was going to be sick, stomach hurt, etc. At the end of February I was having some of the same issues but not as bad. Not sure what they were from since I wasn't having the usual feelings of stress. I've been doing a sort of self hypnosis thing in the morning when I wake up and it seems to be helping me start of the day relaxed, along with just trying to stay more relaxed throughout the day.

8. I finally hit my 10% weight loss!!! It felt really good to add that stupid little charm to my Weight Watchers charm ring. Like I've said before this time around I'm really trying to make lasting changes with how Kevin and I eat and are active so it's been a little bit of a longer process this time around.

9. Got to hang out with Lane on Monday night! Since I wasn't feeling well the past couple of weeks I really was trying not to go anywhere and do anything more than I absolutely had to. I think he's realizing what the camera phone is, whenever I have it out he seems to be avoiding it now!

So there's a little update on what's been going on here lately! Have a fabulous weekend!

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