How Cold Is It?

It always seems that the things you don't want to happen when you don't want them to happen will inevitably happen. When Kevin bought the condo in 2009 the service guy who takes care of the furnace said he should probably get a new one but it might make it through. He's said that every year since 2009. The past two years we've been saying we're putting the condo up for sale and figured we'd get out without having to replace it.

WELL! Yesterday morning a little bit before my usual time to leave for work the power went out. Eh no biggie I just went to work earlier. When I got back home after my doctor's appointment it was quite cold in the condo. I attempted to get the heat to turn on and nothing. After hanging out for over an hour under a fleece blanket and multiple layers I realized our bathroom had a heater fan!

So I retreated to the bathroom to wait for Kevin and his dad to hopefully fix everything. Unfortunately nothing worked and we had to call the company. Well found out just a little bit ago there is nothing to be done it needs to be replaced to the tune of a little over 5k! EEK! So this will be a fun week. Hopefully we will get it installed asap since today and the next couple of days are supposed to be the coldest of the year.

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