Chats With Kevin

Sometimes I feel like I talk about Kevin a ton when it relates to the two of us together but not just about Kevin. I really enjoy when bloggers I follow do a guy on the blog day or like Stephanie's monthly "Shit MFD Said" (sometimes I think MFD and Kevin are each others spirit animals .. hilarious go read now!). So last night without much of a choice I told Kevin he was going to answer some questions for the blog! 

Turns out he was actually kinda excited to do so. When we were talking about it he was coming up with some good stories that will definitely be shared in the future. For now, without further ado and no editing on my part, here's Kevin!

1. What is one of your favorite memories with Betsy?
My favorite memory is of the two of us with my Dad fishing in Wisconsin.  When I usually tell her stories of how the fish were biting like crazy, she was always kicking herself for not going fishing with us in the morning.  This day was different.  My Dad, myself and Betsy headed out to a newly found place on our secret lake.  She had a great morning and caught a 28” Northern, a 15 “ bass, and several others.  In addition, she also had about 10 of them attack her lure.  An adrenaline rush all morning for sure. 
Fish from that trip. I've never been sure handed enough to grab the Northern Pike so yes that's my father in law holding it for me in the photo. 

3. If you had a blog, what would you call it, and what would it be about?
Me complaining about bad drivers, stupid annoying things people do, and what happened to socializing between the 80’s and now.  It would be called “Big Mouth”

4. If you could live inside any video game, which would it be?
On certain days, Dynasty Warriors 5.  Big weapons and senseless killing nonstop.  Other days, the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past – SNES.  It’s my favorite game and I would slash and bomb chickens all darn day.  When I am not blowing up chickens, I would play the ocarina and fly with that little white bird.  Oh, I almost forgot, I would use the bug catching net and catch bees then release the bees indoors to harass the shop owners.  Free potions for life!

5.  Why do you think people hate Nickelback?
I personally do not like Nickelback either.  For one thing, the music is fairly bland, boring, but somewhat catchy.  However, there is no musical depth here.  It’s just repetitive radio rock.  What bothers music listeners the most: this band is selling albums by the millions and the music does not deserve this status.  We are not jealous of the money or fame they get, we are just perplexed by the fame and money they get.  I don’t want their money – I would have to play Nickelback music for a living.  I have integrity you know!  (Secretly starts a Nickelback Tribute band).

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