Girl Power: 1960's Girl Groups

Some youngins might think that the girl power girl band rockers is a new concept, started in the 90's by awesome groups such as the Spice Girls, well I'm here to burst that bubble! Girl groups have been rocking out under the girl power flag for decades. Kicking off my look at some of the recent (or not so recent) decades girl groups we've got the 1960's! I love the music of the 1960's. This is the decade that really saw an explosion of the girl group.

They ranged from the timid songs about boyfriends to demanding respect. Like so many of the male groups of the time so many of the girl groups brought together the rock and roll mixed with doo wop sound which was a major departure from the sticky sweet tunes of the 1950's. Soon after some of the bigger groups, like the Shirelles, started getting hit after hit the producers looked for more girl groups with that same sound. In the first half of the decade over 700 groups were able to get a song on the charts.

Rock out to a few of the grooviest girl group tunes of the 1960;s

Will You Love Me Tomorrow the Shirelles

Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals

Leader Of The Pack by The Shangri-Las

Mamma Said by The Shirelles

Love Child by Diana Ross & The Supremes

Be My Baby by the Ronettes

Dancing in the Streets by Martha & The Vandellas

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