5 things I do to procrastinate

Avoiding doing any kind of work, at home or other places, is not simply something that one just does. It's definitely an art form. Sometimes you just need one of those days when you're not going to do anything and you're just bumming around. Sometimes you just need a little distraction from a task for a little while. Here are five of my favorite ways to procratinate.

1. Look at home listings - this is definitely one of my go to avoiding tactics. I will check my favorite site more times than necessary during the day just to make sure nothing new and amazing has come on the market. It's also a lot of fun to look at people's questionable design choices, I've definitely seen some doozies!

2. Aimlessly scour Netflix for something new - at certain times this one is just futile. There are those times in between when they add new stuff where you've watched everything worth watching and then all your left with are those movies that after you watch them you sit there thinking "ugh what a waste".

3. Pester Kevin - yup that's one of my procrastinating tools. You might not have a Kevin to bug but I'm sure there is someone be it human or four legged that will help with the avoidance.

4. Pinterest - I have three go to Pinterest distractions. First off I go to humor section. The humor section is just ridiculousness. Seriously if you haven't been on it go look, you can definitely get sucked in to all the different humorous pins. I'm a big fan of the animal and tumblr ones.

Second I usually stick to my main feed and just scroll, pin & repeat. This is where I find pretty much all my good blog, organizing and food pins. My last and newest way of using Pinterest to avoid work is to go through my boards and clean them up. I've been really good about unpinning recipe and other fluff type of pins but, the pins like money or blog related ones I actually want to see if there is any good info on them. So those guys I've been somewhat avoiding ... Usually by utilizing some of my other tactics haha.

4. Online window shopping - this is one tactic that I am very good at. My method is that I shop till I drop, putting everything I like in the online cart and then guilt myself enough that I close out of the browser. It's not so bad if you don't actually whip out the wallet. That's when you run into issues!!

5. When in doubt look at cute photos of dogs, like my dog nephew Bowser here. 

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