2015 Goals

2014 was the year I rode a crazy roller coaster and we, both Kevin and myself, are determined to make 2015 so much better. I hate the term resolutions, for some reason those seem so much easier to shove to the side and break.

I much prefer goals! They always are more sold and unbreakable than resolutions. I'm feeling extremely more set about 2015 because I've already been thinking about and starting to implement my goals! Meaning why wait until the next year, 2014 was perfect to start my 2015 goals.

Some of my goals are more physical type goals. Meaning I can do concrete things to get a concrete result. Such as #3 keep up with losing weight. If I start tracking and continue to keep more portion size under control I will continue to loose weight. The results for some of my goals won't be so concrete, even though some of the steps to get there might be concrete. Like ditching drama, it might involve de-friending people on Facebook or deleting those numbers from my phone but the mental relaxation it will give me.

Here is a short and brief list of my 2015 goals.

1. Sell our condo

2. Purchase a new home

3. Keep up with losing weight

4. Continue working on my 101 list

5. Work on our finances (budgeting, spending, investing, etc.)

6. Ditch people who just exude drama

7. Be more confident in my career and my professional skills

8. Continue to de-clutter and organize all aspects of life

9. Take advantage of my life more aka live it more fully

Some of these can be broken up into more specific goals but that's for another day (once I figure out what steps need to be taken!). For now I'm feeling really good about how much I've started to work on these goals not just in the first three days of 2015 but before then as well. 

What are you top goals for 2015 & beyond?

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