Peter Pan Live

I'm hoping that I'm not the only blogger who tuned in last week for the amazingness that was Peter Pan Live. I grew up watching and loving the Mary Martin version so needless to say I was pretty excited for this show. After hearing about the live musical last year I was a prepared. 

Overall the show was good but there were definitely things that made it pretty ridiculous and not just musical ridiculous : ) 

I realized about ten minutes in to the show that I should go online to Twitter and see what people were saying. I was soooo not disappointed. What ended up happening was that I was waaaay more focused on what people's reactions were on Twitter than actually watching! So worth it. Here are some of the favorites I grabbed from the #PeterPanLive.

So apparently my Tinkerbell hating people are on Twitter! Love it. There were definitely some great Tink posts.

This. On so many different amazing levels.

Probably by far the best tweet all night! 

Did you watch Peter Pan Live? What are your thoughts on it?

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