Last Sunday Kevin and I board the Metra for our annual trip to the Christkindlmarket! This Chicago Christmas staple started in 1996, based off the Christmas markets of Germany.

This year it was abnormally warm which brought out quite a lot more people, so it wasn't quite as magical as when it's snowy but we still got to enjoy our yearly favorites. Every year we have to make sure to take a photo in front of the Daley Plaza Christmas tree! One year I'll actually be smart and get someone to take a photo of the entire group. This year was not that year.

After four years we've come to realize that we need to visit the large ornament shops first. Later in the day the lines get even longer and it's not as much fun. My favorite ornament house is definitely the K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt of America. There are always a bunch of crescent ornaments here. It's always tough to splurge on just one of the wooden works of art. The glass ornaments of the other two large ornament buildings are always a hit as well. It's a wonder all the different sizes and shapes, I love to see the different Chicago ones each year. Someday I'll actually splurge on the amazing Bean ornament with the skyline painted on it.

One doesn't just go to the Christkindlmarket for the ornaments, they go for the food! Well at least that's one reason I go! I always enjoy having lunch at the market. Kevin loves to try a new item each time, last year he had a brat and this year he tried the schnitzel sandwich, which is my favorite. We must have gotten them from a different vendor or they changed their recipe, this years schnitzel had a bit more spice to it and was wonderful. We also made sure to get our hot chocolate in the mug. Which is a must do when you go to the Christkindlmarket..The color and shape changes each year. I love how this year's really looks like a traditional stein.

I always love to visit the candy shop. This year I got my usual favorites but Kevin decided to get one of the hanging gingerbread hearts. He was definitely a fan! We almost forgot to stop by the chocolate covered amazingness booth. I enjoyed my chocolate covered marshmallows & brought home a chocolate covered rice krispie treat, which was insane! I need to work on making my own. Kevin enjoyed his chocolate covered pineapple very much.

If you're looking for a Chicago tradition this Christmas or any Christmas definitely check out the Christkindlmarket. It's also a budget friendly, you can spend as little as $2 for your chocolate covered rice krispie treat up to hundreds of dollars for authentic handmade German Schwibbogens. I can't wait until our annual trip next year!

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