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Not Entirely Perfect

Holy cow I can't believe I'm already linking up to share how the past month went! That one went by in an instant. Looking back at my goals for November I did really well!

1. Organize my Pampered Chef papers - Unfortunately I'm not totally finished on this one, I found a stack of my PC materials hanging out in a box in our storage room and some at my parents house but I was able to get the rest of it sorted and in their proper folders. I've also typed up the labels for the folders. 

2. Work on my magazine hoarding issues - OH my gosh I rocked this guy out! It took a little bit to figure out what I was going to do since the ones that were being stockpiled were the recipe mags. With a little advice I decided to pull out the recipes I wanted and send the magazines on their way. Surprisingly there weren't as many recipes that I was keeping as I thought.

3. Pack more boxes - Kevin and I both rocked this one! Since we're putting the condo up for sale January 14th we definitely need to keep up on this one.

December = Simplifying

I feel like some of what I've been doing already with my organizing has also been trying to simply. Like with my Pampered Chef papers I organized them I also did things like getting rid of my monthly news bulletins from the past few years and kept only the ones from 2014. 

1. Continue to pack & get rid of stuff to sell condo

2.  Add 7 items of clothing to my "get rid of pile"

3. Simplify my blogging for 2015. Meaning I will need to do some planning ahead!

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