8 songs from 70's & 80's musicals you should hear

While the middle part of 20th century was dominated by the big name musicals the 1970's and 80's birthed some of our most iconic as well plus those wonderful under appreciated tunes.

I Want It Now from Willy Wonka
If you haven't been living under a rock you probably know most if not all of the songs from Willy Wonka.

Little Girls from Annie
Yes we know all the songs that Annie sings but Ms. Hannigan has two of the catchiest tunes from the soundtrack. Plus the amazing Carol Burnett just brings down the house with her over-exaggerated portrayal.

Surprise Surprise from A Chorus Line
We all know the main theme song and the hit tune "I Hope I Get It" but "Surprise Surprise" is full of attitude and fabulous dance moves.

Skid Row (Downtown) from Little Shop of Horrors

Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) from Hair
One of my absolute favorite movies and soundtracks!! This song (and the video) gets me every time. The despair that Berger shows and feels when he realizes he's accidentally in a deployment going to Vietnam is heart wrenching. If you've never seen Hair see it now!

Greased Lightning from Grease

Willkommen ("Welcome") from Caberet

You Can't Win from The Wiz
What more can you say about The Wiz besides Michael Jackson as Scarecrow?

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